Information on College Housing for Single Mothers

Single mothers going to college

Single mothers going to college

Education is a necessity. It doesn’t matters what stage of life one is experiencing. It is recognised by the college/university authorities that being a student as well as being a single mother is not an easy task. Therefore their special need is taken care of as far as the issue of college housing is concerned. Single mother students can’t put up in the ordinary hostels for students since they have a child or may have more than one child who is legally dependant on her for care. Single mother students that have children have the option of college housing for single mothers. Many universities and colleges understand the need to provide proper accommodation to single mothers. The type of housing is often based on the size of the family. Some universities offer apartments based on the townhouse style. It may have more than one bedroom. More than one bedroom is to cater to the need of the children that students might have.

The students that qualify for college housing for single mothers must have children that are legally dependent on them. The number can be any either one, two or three. There would be enough room for them. In case of shared custody the child must spend at least 50 percent of every week with the mother for her to qualify for student apartments for single mothers in most cases. It is not necessary for such mothers to be married or be a part of some kind of domestic partnership with anyone. If a student is expecting a baby then she becomes eligible to apply for college housing for single mothers for the period when she is in her second trimester during her pregnancy phase.

It seems that colleges and universities have a problem providing accommodation for families that have more than three children. For larger families there may be a dearth of on-campus accommodation. They may have to seek private or off-campus rented apartment while studying. Adequate housing that could make room for four or more children is not easy to find. The apartments that have three bedrooms have the facility of twin beds three in number. So the bottom-line is that college housing for single mothers does not commonly provide on-campus accommodation for mothers that have four or more children. They don’t stand to qualify for the application for such accommodation. However, there is still a way out as the single mother having four children may be granted an on-campus accommodation if she has one infant that is not in need of a bed or there is no need for more than three twin beds to accommodate the family. Special request has to be made in this regard to the authorities.


College Housing for Couples



College Couples

On-campus Housing according to specific needs

Young adults are increasingly enrolling in college and universities courses. Colleges and universities offer its students an option of on-campus housing. Beside offering accommodation to students who wish to live alone in dormitories they also offer other types of accommodations to students. These other types of accommodation is to cater to the needs of students that have a family or who wish to live with their domestic partners. Graduate and undergraduate students that are single mother or are student couples can get accommodation that suits their needs. Students generally prefer living in on-campus accommodation since it gives them the opportunity to connect to all the facilities that the campus has to offer. Same is the case with student couples. They too don’t want to miss out on any opportunity that living on-campus apartment has to offer. Owing to this demand the academic authorities devised a solution which manifested itself in the form of college housing for couples options. Such student apartments for couples are reserved to be occupied by couples only after they fulfil all the requirements and stand eligible for allotment and satisfy the authorities.

Family members acquiring the apartment

As far as the extended family is concerned they are not allowed to live with the student in the accommodation that has been provided to them for couples only. Besides this, all the family members that were mentioned while making the application for accommodation by the student must continuously live in the granted apartment. Generally the authorities ask for the partner to be present at the time when the apartment keys are handed after allotment of apartment under college housing for couples option.

Regular audits to check eligibility

Regular audits of the eligibility of the residents is also conducted by the concerned authorities form time to time. These eligibility checks are done regularly to ensure that the residents rightfully occupy the apartment allotted to them. It is also to ensure that they are not occupying one of the rooms of the student apartments for couples wrongfully, at the cost of other deserving candidates. They may be asked to show the original marriage certificate or domestic partnership to satisfy the authorities. In case the couple fails to show the proper documents supporting them their allotment of apartment under college housing for couples would be cancelled and they will have to face disciplinary action from the college/university authorities.

How To: Select the Right Student Housing

We all know the best parts about college is experiencing everything while at the same time achieving your college degree. Now, searching for your apartment or student living arrangement is the most important task you will have to do as soon as you decide where to go for college. Let’s make a list of what you should be looking for when searching for your perfect student apartment.

First, you will want to have an apartment that will feel like home. Somewhere you’ll feel cozy, relaxed and unpressured since college professors will be draining all your energy with all the lessons, projects and papers you have to do. Also, remember, this will be your home for the next 4 years, so you should feel very comfortable in it from the get go.

Convenience should definitely be something you should consider. You will never know when you’ll need a bite to eat, toothbrush, or even a fun night on the town. Your choice of student apartment home should be near restaurants, stores, groceries, malls, hospitals, theaters and most especially your campus. Choose a place that’s near shops and facilities which will provide you with everyday needs.

Next it should definitely have amenities that will benefit your scholastic and personal needs. In this day and age make sure they provide high-speed internet or WiFi so you can do your research fast and you can also stay updated in the social media world. It’s also a plus if they have a study lounge or computer lounge so you can have another place to study when you feel like being in a different location.

Your personal needs are also important. You can’t always study, study and study, you’ll get worn out and most probably get sick of all the hard work they put into school. Try to relax and have fun once in a while. Some student apartment homes have their own swimming pool, fitness center, barbecue and picnic area, multi-purpose courts and other facilities to keep you going, some even have monthly activities so you can all get to know other students and have fun.

Lastly, make sure that your student housing is safe and secure. You will not be able to sleep well at night if you’re worry about your safety and so will your parents.

So don’t forget, your new place for college should be a student apartment “home,” as well as convenient and should have amenities for your scholastic and personal needs. Make the best of your college experience by learning, having fun and networking too. You deserve it!

Student Housing in Fullerton, CA – Live at UV

Live at UV  2000 Oxford Ave Fullerton, CA 92831   877-656-7551

Student Housing in Fullerton, CA

University Village UV in Fullerton, CA is a student housing community located at Oxford Ave. and Yorba Linda Blvd., across the street from California State University Fullerton. We offer convenient and comfortable accommodations for students seeking the advantages of dorm life off-campus. We provide the privacy and independence of fine apartment living, combined with a convenient location, upscale dining, attentive staff, first-rate recreational facilities, and a wide variety of educational and social programs.

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Student Housing in Portland, OR – Mint Urban: River Place

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Student Housing in Portland, OR

Our beautiful apartment community is set in the Waterfront area of downtown Portland, OR.  Being right on the banks of the Willamette River offers you incredible views and a plethora of outdoor activities.  Our stellar location also provides easy access to several parks, Portland State University (PSU), Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), the Portland streetcar, interstate access, and much more!


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Student Housing in Austin, TX – Mint Urban: Red River

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Student Housing in Austin, TX

Mint Urban Red River apartments is Austin, TX new favorite apartment community!  This beautiful apt community straddles two of Austin, TX most desirable neighborhoods – Hyde Park and North Campus.  This stellar location is only 3 blocks from The University of Texas at Austin (UT) Law School, adjacent to I-35, blocks from North Campus and West Campus, a short drive to downtown Austin and 6th Street, Hancock Golf Course, and much more!  Living at Mint Urban Red River apts means you will enjoy everything the city of Austin, TX has to offer!

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Student Housing in San Antonio, TX – Tetro Student Village

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Student Housing in San Antonio

This brand new student housing community is set to open in San Antonio, TX in the Fall of 2014! Tetro Student Village is ready to take your college living experience to a whole new level with Town Center style living.  This new standard of living, centers townhomes and flat style homes around a central community hub.  Tetro Student Village has loaded the Town Center full of luxurious amenities to ensure your time in college is a pleasurable one!


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Student Housing in Austin, TX – University Towers

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Student Housing in Austin, TX

Here at University Towers in Austin, TX we want to help make your college life one to remember and by living in our student apartments we know your memories will be unforgettable. University Towers is really more like a hotel than an apartment complex because of all the resort-style amenities we provide. Our Austin student housing offers a luxurious pool, completely remodeled cafeteria, rooftop sundeck, covered garage parking and great community activity programs for all of our residents to enjoy. With all of this and much more University Towers offers one of Austin’s most extensive amenity suites.

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Student Housing in Denver, CO – Auraria Student Lofts

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Student Housing in Denver, CO

At Auraria Student Lofts in Denver, CO we opened up a brand new luxurious amenity suite in the summer of 2013. Get ready to chill by the new rooftop pool or meet a few new people at our one of a kind college pool party “BLISS”. Before you head to Denver’s coolest pool party break a sweat in our brand new state-of-the-art gym! Or when it is time to get down to business enjoy our private and collaborative study rooms! Welcome to the new standard in college living for Auraria Campus students! If you are attending CU Denver (UCD), Metro State University of Denver (MSU), or the Community College of Denver (CCD) look no further than Auraria Student Lofts for your housing needs.


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